AXOR Apex Venomous Motorcycle Helmet for Riding

  • DOT certified.
  • Equipped with Axor’s AX- F180 Anti-Fog Visor Insert.
  • IMPS- Injection molded Polycarbonate shell is used for High-Performance.
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AXOR apex helmet one of the new sports adventuring helmet only made for those riders looking for maximum stability and aerodynamic performance.

Well most of all AXOR Apex helmets comes with same features. But, you can choose from different variety of cool graphics and design that you mostly like.

Mostly helmets designs came with many different name like Apex Vivid, Apex Hunter, Apex Sharkco, Apex Solid, Apex Venomous and Apex Turbine.

AXOR Apex Helmet Features


With great protective features AXOR apex helmet had a perfect ventilation design.

The unique design upper vent is mainly well positioned, therefore, the air sound passes though the vent to the interior very easily. After all, its good for you to hear everything from the outside even on average speed.




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