Axor Air Stream Black Grey Motorcycle Riding Gloves

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  • CE certified to standard EN 13594: 2015.
  • Made from a combination of 3D mesh and clarino fabric leather.
  • Thumb / Finger touch tip for easy usage of mobile even when gloved.
  • Silicon panel at finger for better grip.
  • Velcro strap for secure and firm fit.
  • A smart tip for touch screen friendly PU knuckle protector with HD foam backing for better absorbing the impact.
  • Designed for summers / spring / autumn.
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Axor Air Stream Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Do you regularly ride your bike for a time? If then, you should keep these Axor Air Stream Gloves to protect your hands and keep them warm. These motorcycle riding gloves are used and preferred by many people for many years now. Most people use them for their different needs, but sometimes motorcycle riding gloves adopt as a symbol of fashion and riding style.

These gloves have a proper ergonomic design include strong shell protection, taking into account aesthetics and safety. The pre-curved fingers fit riding style, and the gloves are resistant to water, dirt, and oil. It can use in all-season winter, summer, and autumn.

Managing the interest of riding gloves in the market, many companies and brands have come forward to provide good quality motorcycle gloves to their customers. Along with the quality, different varieties of motorcycle gloves are available in the market. Also, these gloves are every customer can choose for everyday riding.


Additional Guide

These motorcycle gloves come in all kinds of different materials and with lots of various features. Not only are gloves a fashion statement, but they can serve a variety of purposes as well.

Thanks to these gloves, which help protect our hands with these bike riding gloves and sometimes used as a fashion. Whether to choose these gloves as a fashion or a requirement, it is preferential of the customer also they should decide to choose which motorcycle gloves are safe for them.

Often very thick yet durable and flexible, these Axor Motorcycle Riding Gloves are essential, especially if you need to use your bike all year round. There are many brands and styles available these days, all with their unique features, but they are essentially the same. Also, look at the importance of choosing the proper gloves and what you should be looking for when buying the right glove.



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  1. Kunal

    I found this gloves great for me. Nice hand griped!

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