ORAZO Picus -VWR Bike Riding Boots (Steel Toe Insert) Grey

  • 8” water resistant, light reflector at the heel side, Ankle twist protection
  • Shock absorption on the seat region (i.e.. heel side), Steel toe protection, Highest grade abrasion & water resistant leather, Smooth leather finish including tongue area
  • Well designed flex points makes walking comfortable, High degree anti slip dual density sole
  • Anti- fungal In-socks which keep your feet dry.
  • Shin protected against loose, flying objects: CE certified to EN ISO 20345 : 2011 standards
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ORAZO Picus -VWR Bike Riding Boots

EXTERIOR: 8 inch tall motorcycle riding boot Commando boot styling Velcro fastening makes the process of wearing & taking off the boot simple and quick.

PU sole Highest grade abrasion resistant leather (removes necessity for a toe slider)

COMFORT Riding boot upper made of water-resistant and breathable leather and fabrics. Anti-fungal latex In-socks – to keep feet cool & dry on long rides. Well designed flex point makes it comfortable to walk & provides support to feet at odd positions.

SAFETY Reflector material attached to the heel area to enhance visibility in dim/dark areas.

EVA reinforcement on ankle are for torsion & impact resistance. Steel toe protection against injuries caused by heavy/hard object impact or vehicle run-over. Anti-slip dual density slow which minimizes chances of injuries in slippery areas. Shock absorption on the seat region (i.e.. heel side)

CERTIFICATION CE certified which conforms to EN ISO 20345 IDEAL USAGE Touring Daily commuting

SUMMARY: Choose this motorcycle riding boot if you need a versatile, multi-function gear. Use it for long haul or short distance biking or simply go hiking over the countryside without any discomfort. This motorcycle riding boot is just as good to wear into office too. This is an 8” water resistant high biking boot that offers ankle protection and reflector around fitted with a light reflector at the heel side for added safety. This boot is comfort, toughness, safety and looks wrapped all into one.


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