PITZO Probiker Tribe Motorcycle Riding Gloves for Men | Size – XL

  • Touch screen design convenient to use your cellphone while wearing gloves & Special ergonomic design provides maximum protection for your hands/fingers and for a cool appearance
  • Breathable mesh fabric for enhanced air circulation and ventilation inside gloves. Keeps your hand Dry
  • Anti-collision fist drop protection shell & palm resistant-wear shell provide comprehensive protection
  • Wrist Velcro tape design, convenient to put on and take off and adjust the degree of tightness at the wrist.
  • Many anti-slip grains in the palm part better hold the handlebar, Great for motorcycle cycling, racing, driving, skiing, skating, climbing, and other application
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Safety is most important for everyone, especially while you riding a motorcycle. Pitzo Online is India’s one of the leading online automotive accessories store. Pitzo Online offers its customers a huge range of car and motorbike accessories. Pitzo Online supplies great products to satisfy its customers. Back of hand: stretch nylon breathable fabrics and rubber patch plus thermoforming PVC protector. Palm: skid-proof point plastic fabrics and rubber patch protector. Ergonomic, hand-dimensional drop resistance protective hard shell, shock-absorbing foam has a better than general protective effect. Velcro design, you can adjust the degree of tightness at the wrist. The excellent grip provides a more comfortable experience in your journey. Special kinesiology of carbon fiber scale, both beautiful and protection design. 3D-dimensional breathable mesh fabric, fingertip impact protection, laminated safety within the reflective point of the night. The whole palm wear-resisting cloth grain no juncture design, strengthening prevent slippery effect. 4 ventilation holes in front of the shell for airflow.


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